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SenSource developed a robust quality system called the Reliance℠ Quality Program over the past two decades. It is a blend of a traditional ISO 9000 quality management systems approach and a real-world results-oriented measure of a company’s effectiveness. It has been applied at more than 300 companies across the USA and Asia since 2000. Developed jointly with Bureau Veritas in the USA, at its core it is a thorough supplier suitability assessment package combined with our product launch system and a thorough mass production quality management program. Blind tests with certified lead auditors conducted in the USA and South America to eliminate auditing bias were conducted in true study mode, followed by hundreds of audits in southeast and western Asia. It is highly discriminatory, able to detect strengths and shortcomings of potential business partners before entering into a relationship. Follow-up audits are performed when new conditions arise, such as expansions of manufacturing capabilities and for new product lines. The SenSource Corrective Action program both corrects shortfalls in quality, production, and costing systems, and provides supplier with improvement opportunities which SenSource helps to implement.

At our five Asian offices and at our headquarters in Cincinnati, we staff engineers and inspectors to perform pre-shipment inspections using our Reliance system quality reports. Once certified, product is released for shipment to either our clients directly or through Cincinnati. Our goods, having been certified by our own colleagues in Asia are not routinely inspected in Cincinnati. SenSource does take title to all of our goods, exemplifying our confidence in our product quality. We are fully equipped to perform occasional in-country inspections or to conduct studies on supplier and our own system improvements.

SenSource drives quality into everything we deliver. We look forward to delivering quality products from the world to your doorstep.