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Sourcing Region Selection

Choosing the Right Factory for Your Product

SenSource has been working with factories in Asia for many years; we have developed an extremely reliable and responsive network with distinct capabilities and processes. Each factory is assessed through our proprietary auditing process prior to working with us. Audits are conducted in person by our highly trained personnel on four key characteristics: quality processes, business acumen, technical capabilities, and export experience. The results of the audits are available for our client’s review.

SenSource engineers work closely with the factory to assist in development and implementation of continuous improvement projects and quality initiatives. We help educate factories in areas such as “lean” practices and statistical process control. Our overall goal is to make products right the first time and every time.

SenSource analyzes each project and selects the optimum manufacturing facility. This is determined by balancing factors including processing equipment, tolerances required, the markets with which the factory is familiar, project volumes, and price requirements. Your products will be produced in the factory that is best suited for your overall needs. We have found that the alignment of factory and client is critical in the success of the program.

Unique Advantage

One of the key SenSource advantages for your sourcing needs is our knowledge of the most appropriate manufacturing location for a given type of custom component. For example, small turned brass components are best procured in western India, while tight tolerance aluminum die castings are best produced in central Taiwan. Machined tubular products are best manufactured in China, while many components which do not ship well should be made in the USA. We have partners for all key industrial component industries across multiple countries so we may optimize your supply chain.