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Product Management / Development

Managing your Product from Development to Delivery

Complex engineered components, assemblies, and finished product program management from afar is often a challenge without dedicated, bilingual project managers to execute your program on target and on time in both the USA and in Asia. SenSource provides high level communication and program direction to meet your needs. We have program managers based in Cincinnati to assess your needs, make materials selection and manufacturability engineering suggestions, and to plan out and execute the tooling, approval, and mass production quality assurance programs.

We build and provide parts, assemblies, and finished products for our clients in North America, utilizing modern program management methods and quality assurance techniques to meet all requirements. In the initial SenSource quotation, we define the tooling start to approval samples lead time. We use our own Relianceâ„  quality programs to prepare for approval and mass production, and can provide PPAP level documentation for any product. When a client does not require the APQP procedure for PPAP, we provide our own documentation with similar, yet enhanced quality plans and production quality reports that track limiting process capabilities (CpK) for key characteristics.

We can essentially work around the clock, as the Cincinnati and Asian offices are typically 12 hours displaced from each other in time. This gives us speed in tooling and engineering change solutions, an advantage for our clients. Whatever your program management or product needs are, our experience and our presence on the ground and in our supply partners’ factories make SenSource a strong ally.