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Managing All Aspects of Logistics

With the current status of supply chains, logistics has come to the forefront. SenSource manages all phases of transportation of your product from the manufacturing floor to your door in the most cost-efficient manner and shortest time frame possible. We ensure that your products are delivered on time and that all of the international documentation management is handled smoothly to prevent delivery issues.

We create a customized template for each client in order to fulfill their product needs on their terms. We provide individual complete shipments and work to our clients’ MRP needs. Since we are providing engineered products for multiple clients from a variety of supply partners in various geographical locations, SenSource can consolidate less-than-container loads into complete containers, saving logistics costs.

Over the past decade, we have become highly skilled at maneuvering through the regulatory requirements of various governments’ customs, tariff and anti-dumping duties. The obstacles are often truly daunting, but as a SenSource client, all of these difficulties are easily overcome because we handle them for you. Working with SenSource is like having the world’s production and warehousing facilities in your own backyard.

Need to Relocate or Resource?

There has been a great deal of turmoil recently in supply chains. Covid and geopolitical tensions have many companies re-assessing their supply partners and locations. SenSource is uniquely positioned to assist with these issues. Whether looking to move out of a certain country to avoid tariffs or to diversify supply regions, we can help. SenSource is not just China oriented. We have operations in China, Taiwan, Vietnam, and India. We also work in Thailand and Brazil. We can help you assess your production and offer alternative solutions.