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Engineered Product Supply

Managing Your Engineering Product Needs

SenSource provides engineered and technical products to your exact specifications at globally competitive pricing. Whether you are sourcing a new product or finding a better source for an existing product, SenSource can help every step of the way.

SenSource will review your product specifications with our US based engineering staff. Once requirements are understood and confirmed, a quotation will be presented with clear terms and deliverables. We include process engineering suggestions in those cases where a modification to the client’s current process path may save unnecessary costs and/or improve consistency.

Once a bid is accepted, SenSource begins the production process. Quality plans are developed with the client to assure critical characteristics are addressed as expected. Tooling is developed if necessary and samples are produced. First Article Inspection (FAI) samples and/or Pre Production Approval Process (PPAP) samples are produced and delivered to the client for approval.

After sample approval, schedules are established and production begins. SenSource personnel will be present for startup and will inspect every order prior to shipment. Since SenSource takes title of the goods we provide to our clients, we are fully invested in the success of the resulting product quality and delivery performance. Any problems that occur are ours to countermeasure, and in turn to prevent for subsequent shipments. Our modern problem resolution and corrective action program immediately identifies the root cause of any such problem, provides immediate remedial correction, and installs a permanently effective countermeasure utilizing process re-design, higher levels of in-process confirmation, and/or poke-yoke methods for quality assurance.

SenSource Advantages:

  • Stability – SenSource is a reliable and stable organization providing products and services since 2002.
  • Global Presence – SenSource has company employees (not contract employees) on the ground and in the factories to ensure your interests are being represented.
  • Knowledgeable – SenSource employs degreed engineers and quality control personnel to ensure specifications are accurately understood and met.
  • US Company – SenSource offers the convenience and security of dealing with a US company with standard commercial terms.
  • Logistics – SenSource has the ability to provide warehousing and JIT shipments from our US location to maximize production flow within your facility.