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We know castings from al to zn.

SenSource specializes in castings from all major castings processes, typically with secondary machining processes applied. Our supply partners provide aluminum die castings, permanent mold castings, sand castings, and investment cast parts for the automotive, automotive service industry, medical device and medical laboratory equipment industries. Our SenSource Reliance Quality System provides castings to exacting tolerances to critical part interfaces.

Our experience and focus on world material markets and currency exchange, along with our long-term supply partner relationships brings the best overall delivered value and consistency to component pricing and delivery performance.

We provide both simple castings and high tolerance castings with challenging geometries that can require extensive manufacturing, engineering, and original process design engineering to meet our clients’ requirements. SenSource provides higher service levels typically at a better landed price than available elsewhere.

Casting Processes

  • High pressure die casting – aluminum and zinc
  • Permanent mold gravity casting
  • Investment (shell) casting – steel and bronze
  • Sand casting – aluminum, ductile and grey iron.


Advantages of partnering with SenSource for your Casting requirements

  • World-competitive pricing with superb quality and highly consistent delivery performance.
  • SenSource quality engineering on-site support from our engineering offices.
  • SenSource warehousing and just-in-time delivery support through our Cincinnati office.
  • Remarkable full service supply chain offerings.