More Consistency, Less Cost

SenSource Global, a US company headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, provides global sourcing services for our clients to allow them to optimize their supply chain. With operations in Asia and the United States, we help our clients lower their costs while maximizing quality, efficiency and flexibility of their supply chain.

We provide a broad range of manufacturing, supply chain, quality and logistics services. Our longstanding network of factories, managed by highly trained SenSource employees assures world class performance and consistent quality of supply for the duration of the program.

Complete Supply Chain Services

SenSource has been working with factories in Asia for many years. We have developed an extremely reliable and responsive network with distinct capabilities and processes. Each factory is rigorously tested and assessed through our proprietary auditing and improvement process prior to receiving our RelianceSM certification. The RelianceSM process has been utilized with more than 300 supply partners over the last decade. Click here for more detail on how we assure our supply chain services.

Source Selection & Improvement

SenSource has been partnering with factories in Asia for many years. We have developed an extremely reliable and responsive network with distinct capabilities and processes. Each firm and factory is assessed with our rigorous and proprietary auditing and improvement process prior to commencing business. We specialize in matching our clients’ needs with the skills and capabilities of our vast supply base.

Program Management

The SenSource value truly shines when your project has special circumstances, complex requirements, or a very rushed timeframe. Our US based project managers are in continual communication with our overseas employees and our supply partners to ensure the end result meets and exceeds our clients’ needs.

Logistics & Warehousing

SenSource manages all phases of transportation of your product from the manufacturing floor in Asia to your door in the most cost-efficient manner and shortest time frame possible. We ensure that your products are delivered on time and that all of the international documentation management is handled smoothly to prevent delivery issues. We warehouse in our Cincinnati location for many of our US clients.

Sourcing quality products worldwide

More Consistency, Less Cost.

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SenSource Global is a Cincinnati company which has developed capabilities in engineering services that can give you an advantage with your product sourcing needs. We have deep experience and knowledge in providing engineered components for our clients. Our engineering staff maintains a constant presence in our Asian factories. Our engineering offices are located in Shanghai, China, New Delhi, India, Taichung, Taiwan, and Saigon, Vietnam. Our economies of scale, management and negotiation skills deliver excellent cost savings to our North American clients. SenSource has true global reach to help companies optimize their supply chains.



SenSource has the background and knowledge to successfully manage your international supply needs.

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SenSource eyes and hands inspect every order prior to shipment.

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Cost Savings

SenSource handles everything, so you know your cost savings exactly.

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Global Reach

SenSource provides products from factories in China, Taiwan, Vietnam and India to our clients in North America.

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